Make Waves. Sunrise to Sunset.

Day 1 to Now

More Than A Brand

To take you back to the start, I was living at home while completing an internship in my spring semester of my senior year at college. When I moved back home I had to adjust, and was forced to change my college ways. This was when I picked up drawing as a hobby. At some point along the way my intentions changed from drawing for fun to using it as a positive healthy outlet and I became attached with the idea of designing logos. Thus began the era of designing shirts and Bright Side Lifestyle.

From the start of Bright Side Lifestyle, the goal has been to do far more than just create clothes. The main objective has been to make a lifestyle culture, that helps myself and others look at the positives and keep working towards their goals. 

Through these next weeks I will be posting a series of installments from my first year. I hope to share my triumphs and my struggles as well as my personal growth, and learning experiences that have shaped the Bright Side Lifestyle along the way. I look forward to sharing our journey with all of you and hope you gain from this as much as I will. If there is one thing you can take away from there, we are more than just clothes.

- The journey is only for the dedicated and those who are willing to make a true difference in the world. However, in all that we do, remember to stay true to yourself and others around you. This will allow us all to keep an open mind and continue to improve. -

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