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Behind the Brand

Bright Side Lifestyle is an apparel company that focuses on growing awareness for people with a mental health illness, and or anyone going through a tough time in life. Bright Side Lifestyle uses positive symbolistic messages while weaving them into the apparel designs to promote a balanced healthy life.  In effort to help, Bright Side Lifestyle donates a portion of proceeds to the Brian & Behavior Research Foundation for every order sold.

We hope our apparel can give you many memories along your enjoy. Never stop looking on the bright side. Hope you have a good day and thank you for your support!

The Wave Podcast

Episode I : GATZ

For the first episode I sat down with Gatz an up and coming Rapper from Connecticut and a longtime friend of mine.  Here we discuss everything from music to his sober journey, relationship with tattoos, and his future plans as an independent artist. 

Listen Here

Episode 2 : Emma

For this episode of The Wave Podcast, I sat down with Emma an amazing person. We talked life, navigating the way through the coronavirus safely, and what's next for the future.

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